Seeking reviewers for proposal on Hybrid Text Analysis

SAGE is seeking feedback on a prospectus for a text tentatively titled Hybrid Text Analysis: Humans and Machines Together, by Nicholas B. Adams, as part of the SAGE Innovations in Research Methods series.

SAGE Innovations in Research Methods

This is a new book series we’re developing under the guidance of Series Editor Kosuke Imai, Princeton University. Always an innovator in the field of research methods, SAGE recognizes that the landscape in which social science research is now conducted has changed dramatically in recent years. Students and researchers now have access to massive amounts of new data, as well as new tools and techniques for accessing and making sense of these data. As SAGE celebrates its first 50 years, it is a fitting moment to launch a series of books that both capture and anticipate the changing research environment. Books in the series will be fairly short guides to key emerging topic areas, which we hope will be invaluable to students and researchers alike.

Call for reviewers for a book on Hybrid Text Analysis

We are looking for reviewers who either teach a graduate course in this area or have content expertise. Below are the two links you’ll need to complete this review (deadline Monday May 30th): the first is a link to the proposal and the series rationale, the second is a link to a survey where you can provide feedback on the proposal.

Proposal for a book on Hybrid Text Analysis

Link to survey to provide feedback

At the end of the survey you’ll be offered a choice of either SAGE book credits or an honorarium of $50 for your time and expertise. Thank you for your help and feedback! Any questions:

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